Sunshine Memory Café

   Upcoming Activities



May 21 - Field Trip to Winterthur Gardens!

May 28  -  Memorial Day, and we will not have a café.

June 4  -  Paint-your-own flower pots,  Part 1.  And John will lead us in a session on Improving our Balance.

June 11  -  Chet will be sharing some of his photographs (slide show)  of National Parks.  And we will finish up our flower pots.  

June 18 – Kean will show us & talk about his collection of Presidential memorabilia. 

June 25  -  Brandon Page will visit us and play and discuss the violin.   Make-your-own Strawberry Parfait Day. 

July 2  -  Independence Day -   Flags & Fireworks!  And it's World Chocolate Day - We'll talk about where it comes from, how it's made, and try some samples.

July 9  -  Karen Herr will visit and talk about Sea Shells, and show us some of her collections

July 16 – Beach Day! We'll make sand castles and talk about our favorite beach memories. AND we'll have Homemade Ice Cream!

July 23 – Martina Keogan will visit with her program "Speaking of Art."

July 30 - National Root Beer Float Day. We'll be remembering soda fountains and penny candy.

August 6 - Making plans for a picnic outing! Stay tuned...

August 13 - World Elephant Day - We'll watch and learn more about these fascinating animals.