Sunshine Memory Café

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April 29 - Kentucky Derby - We'll look at its history & traditions, and then we'll hold our own Sunshine Derby - the Dash for the Daisies!

May 6 - Monarch Butterflies - Lots of photos and information about these interesting beauties.

May 13 - SuperHero Day - If you were a SuperHero, what would your super power be?

May 20 - Endangered Species Day - Animals that may not exist much longer - and why.

May 27 - Memorial Day - NO CAFE

May 30 - (Thursday) Field Trip to a Phillies Game!

June 3 - We celebrate LOVE - with a fun craft and "Name that Tune" with popular love songs.

June 10 - Chablis and Chagall - Kristine Fox will tell us a little about Chagall and help us create a Chagall-inspired painting.

June 16 - Father's Day - Remembering our Dads and their advice and favorite sayings.