Sunshine Memory Café

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"The Sunshine Memory Cafe is the "Best Kept Secret" in West Chester. We've met so many good friends, had lots of good times..." D.K.

"..We have had the wonderful privilege of attending Sunshine Memory Cafe for the past two years. It has truly been a Godsend and a relaxed and joyful gathering that we look forward to each week. For one hour and thirty minutes, my husband and I are treated so kindly... My husband sums it up this way: 'There is a lightness and they make me smile and teach me how certain things can be helpful for me. They do it with a way that is laughter.' " D.T.

"SMC is a warm, welcoming and supportive group for us that is often the highlight of our week... There I laugh, smile and find support from others who know and understand the difficulties of taking care of a spouse with memory and cognitive problems." D.N.

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